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The Charles Butt Foundation is a proud partner in the #TeachersCan movement, which is committed to elevating the teaching profession and honoring the critical role teachers play in the success of Texas.

Teacher taking selfie with graduates

Texas needs great teachers

Teachers are critical to preparing the future of Texas. Our educators change lives and empower students to do more than they ever thought possible. We need teachers, students, and others to see teaching as a fulfilling, important, and respected profession. Yet, too often the opposite is true. Teachers often feel overwhelmed and under-appreciated. Fewer people are choosing to pursue a teaching career while more teachers are leaving the profession.

This must change. That’s why #TeachersCan was formed.

About #TeachersCan

In mid-2019, a statewide coalition consisting of dozens of Texas brands, associations, chambers and community groups, and universities came together and created an initiative designed to:

  1. Increase teacher morale and pave the way for teachers to share their stories about teaching and express why teaching is so important
  2. Increase perceived value of the teaching profession and likelihood of parents (and teachers!) to encourage students to consider teaching as a career
  3. Generate individual, corporate, and community support for teachers and their classrooms
  4. Provide organizations an open-source platform to support teachers

The Charles Butt Foundation is one of more than 135 partners in #TeachersCan, and that list is growing every day. Since 2020, #TeachersCan has coordinated campaigns and promotions around Teacher Appreciation Week in May, back-to-school time in August, and World Teachers’ Day in October. Recently, #TeachersCan partners raised more than $1.8 million for Texas teachers and classrooms through a partnership with DonorsChoose. Soon, #TeachersCan will launch a statewide public service advertising campaign consisting of TV spots and billboard displays.