Voices from the field: All students ave Strengths

Disclaimer: This initiative initially was launched and coordinated by the Raise Your Hand Texas Foundation, which in 2022 merged with and became the Charles Butt Foundation.

Our Voices from the Field series features students, teachers, and school leaders who make an impact in Texas public schools.

“What happens with special education students so often, is when you have the label, others perceive that somehow you’re less smart,” says Melainie Elliott, a special education teacher at Pasodale Elementary School in Ysleta ISD. ”They have strengths that others don’t.”

When Pasodale began piloting blended and personalized learning three years ago, Elliott says it was transformational for her students. With this model, she says, “They not only have a voice, but they have a deciding voice about what they do, and how they learn, and how they grow, and what their goals are. It uniquely enables them to be in charge of their learning.”

Watch this touching video to hear how blended learning has empowered special education students at Pasodale.

(Video) Voices from the Field: All Students Have Strengths