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Who we are


The Charles Butt Foundation is pursuing a more equitable and prosperous future for all Texans through education and community partnerships.


All Texas children and families live in vibrant communities supported by a world-class education system.

A growing organization focused on strengthening the future of Texas

The Charles Butt Foundation quietly supported regional community and philanthropic initiatives, particularly in San Antonio, for many years. Charles Butt also founded the Raise Your Hand Texas Foundation to support statewide programmatic initiatives and provide grants to help identify, pilot, and scale systemic improvements in public education, and its sister organization, Raise Your Hand Texas, to pursue a public education policy and advocacy mission.

In 2022, the Charles Butt Foundation and the Raise Your Hand Texas Foundation merged, bringing their complementary programmatic and grant-making pursuits under the Charles Butt Foundation banner, while Raise Your Hand Texas remains committed to its public education advocacy mission.

Principal takes a selfie with high school graduate at a PACE graduation ceremony.

We believe …

We believe a well-educated public is critical to an engaged citizenry, vibrant communities, and a strong workforce and economy. That’s why we work at both the statewide level and in close collaboration with regional organizations to pinpoint where opportunities exist to improve or advance their efforts for greater impact.

The Charles Butt Foundation mission and vision are brought to life through:

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Our philanthropic roots started with one family’s commitment to serving others. The lessons and values instilled over multiple generations led to the founding of the Charles Butt Foundation, and other charitable entities.