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Raising Texas Teachers

Raising Texas Teachers

An initiative to elevate the teaching profession across Texas.

Raquel Perez, a Charles Butt Scholar, provides instruction to two of her students in a classroom.

Our vision

Every student, in every classroom across the state, has an effective teacher every year.

Raising Texas Teachers we believe statement

We believe

  1. Texas students deserve the best teachers, and our teachers deserve the best preparation.
  2. Our teacher workforce should reflect our student population.
  3. A profession as challenging and critical as teaching demands rigorous preparation.
  4. Universities are best positioned to develop teachers that are prepared to be effective on day one.
  5. Continuous improvement must become our standard practice.

About Raising Texas Teachers

The research is clear, teachers have the most significant impact on student success. Therefore, the long-term success of our communities and our state is inextricably linked to the quality of our teacher workforce.

Right now, the teaching profession is facing a crisis. The number of teachers entering the profession has steadily declined over the past decade. The state faces persistent shortages in critical subject areas. Districts across the state are facing an unprecedented number of vacancies. The quality of teacher preparation varies significantly, with the majority of new teachers trained in alternative certification programs, many of which do not require rigorous clinical training resulting in lower retention rates. We can, and must, do a better job at recruiting, training, and retaining great teachers.

That is why we launched Raising Texas Teachers in 2017. This 10-year, $50 million program is structured around a three-pronged strategy designed to address the three key elements of the teacher workforce pipeline:


The Charles Butt Scholarship for Aspiring Teachers is designed to enhance the recruitment of a talented and diverse teacher workforce by providing financial support, ongoing professional development, access to a statewide network of Charles Butt Scholars, and more.


Our deep partnerships with university-based teacher preparation programs seek to raise the overall quality of teacher preparation across the state by promoting continuous improvement in the field.


We provide ongoing professional development and support to Charles Butt Scholarship alumni to ensure they are able to continue their careers as teachers and find success in the classroom, and we are committed to elevating the status of the teaching profession through ongoing storytelling efforts about the influence and impact of great teachers and participation in, and support of, the statewide #TeachersCan movement. We also leverage our Raising Blended Learners and Raising School Leaders programs to ensure we are helping create conditions in the field to retain our best teachers.

Short-term goals

  1. Increase the number, quality, and diversity of teacher candidates enrolling in the Charles Butt Foundation partner universities
  2. Support programmatic improvements in university-based teacher preparation programs
  3. Build capacity for continuous improvement in university-based teacher preparation programs
  4. Increase teacher morale and improve public perception of the teaching profession

Long-term goals

  1. Ensure that the demographics of our teaching workforce reach parity with the student population in Texas
  2. Improve the overall quality of teacher preparation statewide
  3. Increase the overall teacher retention rate
  4. Establish teaching as a highly respected and desired profession

Program contact information:

Thea Ulrich Lewis, Director of Raising Texas Teachers

Thea Ulrich-Lewis

Director of Raising Texas Teachers

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