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What we’re learning

The Charles Butt Foundation believes we are most successful when our work has an impact long past our initial engagement. Acquiring deep understanding about our issues and working toward sustainable solutions comes from questioning assumptions, and co-learning in a spirit of transparency with those in the field.

Our approach

Learning is core to all we do at the Charles Butt Foundation. Driven by curiosity, we dig into issues and look to fellow thinkers, cutting-edge research, and those in our communities to learn with us. We approach learning in a circular way.

  • Information-gathering
  • Strategic planning and direction-setting
  • Sharing out and co-learning
  • Evaluating approaches & investments
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Public opinion research

While some of our efforts are regional, much of our impact spans the huge and diverse state, and we value voices and experiences from every community.

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Research reports

We look to existing rigorous academic research on innovative ideas and programming to inform our work, and endeavor to contribute new research where we see need.

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Evaluating our work

We evaluate our statewide programs and regional initiatives to understand where we have been most successful and to make strategic changes along the way.

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evaluating our work