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The Charles Butt Foundation is committed to being research-informed in all we do. As an essential first step in any new initiative or partnership, we deeply examine issues or challenges, and are informed by both formal research as well as the lived experiences of those most directly affected.

A Raising Blended Learners workshop attendee stands pressed up against a a wall of post-it notes as she and her district team work through an exercise.

Our Approach

  1. We prioritize listening.
    • By Gathering qualitative data from focus groups and visits with the field, combined with high-quality quantitative polling of Texans and specific stakeholder groups, we work to understand the issues we tackle from the inside out.
  2. We analyze data.
    • We want to better understand the challenges Texans face and accurately evaluate possible solutions. We dig deep into Texas-specific data, as well as learn collaboratively with researchers across the nation and world to build our knowledge base around our focus areas.
  3. We emphasize learning.
    • In addition to cultivating expertise in certain issue areas, we pursue a culture of learning broadly. We prioritize learning together internally and with external partners and stakeholders seeking to expand what we think is possible, leading with curiosity, and dreaming big.
  4. We create strategies.
    • We believe the best way to craft a solution and motivate change is to start with listening and learning. Once we have foundation knowledge about our focus issue, we create a strategic approach that ensures we are asking the right questions, leading with people-first and equity-driven lens, and are continuously learning and re-learning as we build and evaluate solutions.

What we’re learning

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