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Evaluating our work

Through both quantitative and qualitative measures, we evaluate our statewide programs and regional initiatives to understand where we have been most successful and to make strategic changes along the way. We use the measures internally to guide our direction, and believe there is great value in sharing these findings with the field to learn collectively.

Evaluation reports

Our current evaluation reports address lessons learned from our Raising Blended Learners program.

Texas investments that scale

Raising School Leaders

school leaders sponsored for leadership and coaching programs.

Raising Blended Learners

school districts funded and provided technical assistance for implementing blended learning supporting …


students enrolled in blended learning programs.

Charles Butt Scholarship

university students awarded the Charles Butt Scholarship for Aspiring Teachers.

University Partnerships

universities supported to engage in continuous improvement in teacher preparation impacting …


teacher candidates.

Note: Many of the research reports offered here were commissioned and published by our sister organization, Raise Your Hand Texas. We share them here because the subject matter is relevant to the mission and work of the Charles Butt Foundation.