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Public opinion research

What Texans believe matters greatly to us. While some of our efforts are regional, much of our impact spans the huge and diverse state, and we value voices and experiences from every community.

Listening to Texans

Through high-quality social research, we can hear from Texans about how the issues we work on can improve their lives. We learn about their hopes and dreams, including what they want the future to look like for their families, communities, and state.

Our public opinion research primarily encompasses large-scale public perception polling, issue- and audience-specific polling, and focus groups.

Our research not only informs the development of our initiatives, but also serves as a resource for the state and nation to learn about Texans. We prioritize access to information, including topline and cross-tab data, data dashboards, and engaging visuals. We hope fellow learners will use this information to strengthen the field and improve lives.

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Texas public education poll reports

Our poll reports provide insight into the perceptions and trends in Texans’ attitudes toward public education. Released annually, the Texans on Public Education Poll asks 1,000 Texans, including public school parents, to share what matters most to them about our state’s schools. The annual Texas Teachers Poll provides similar insight into public education issues, through the voice of Texas teachers.

Note: Many of the research reports offered here were commissioned and published by our sister organization, Raise Your Hand Texas. We share them here because the subject matter is relevant to the mission and work of the Charles Butt Foundation.