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Stories connect us all. They have the power to build empathy, transform mindsets, shape best practices, and inspire action.

Our approach

We produce videos and articles that feature Texas’s remarkable public school leaders, teachers, students, and communities. Through narratives focused on people and communities, we explore the impact of our programs and promising practices in education.

As storytellers, we hold space for our subjects to share their truth, represent their communities, and teach us. This connection and shared learning is transformative and informs our work as a foundation. Those who experience our stories get a direct look at the faces and places behind the research and data. They get the opportunity to see who is at the heart of solving the challenges Texas communities face.

We are committed to telling stories in a way that honors individuals and communities, bringing us together to make a better Texas for all.

A student and teacher exchange a warm-hug.

Stories of impact

Explore the stories that connect us with school leaders, teachers, students, and Texas communities.