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What we do

In a state as big as Texas, and a system as big as public education, there are no silver bullets for creating more equitable and prosperous outcomes. To make meaningful progress requires multi-faceted and collaborative approaches, constant exploration and iteration, and regular sharing and learning about what’s working and what needs to change.

Our Work

The Charles Butt Foundation invests significant time and resources in the following areas to fulfill our mission.

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Print mockup of the 2021 Texas Education poll.


The Charles Butt Foundation is committed to being research-informed in all we do. As an essential first step in any new initiative or partnership, we deeply examine issues or challenges, and are informed by both formal research as well as the lived experiences of those most directly affected.

Our team conducts, creates, and commissions public opinion research, research reports, and benchmarking of our programmatic endeavors.

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Statewide programs

Our statewide programs address persistent system-level challenges by piloting research-informed solutions that can be scaled and sustained beyond philanthropic investment. Our vision includes a strong principal at the helm of every school, an effective teacher in every classroom, and empowered and engaged families and communities. We work to realize that vision through the following programs.

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Principal sits on steps and speaks to students at his school.
Students and principal exchange a greeting at family's front porch.

Regional initiatives

The Charles Butt Foundation provides seed funding and grants to a number of causes and entities focused on addressing challenges and leveraging opportunities facing Texas communities. These initiatives include support for organizations working in early childhood education and workforce development, groups seeking more informed communities, and those committed to bridging the digital divide.

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Stories connect us all. They have the power to build empathy, transform mindsets, shape best practices, and inspire action. We produce videos and articles that feature Texas’s remarkable public school leaders, students, and communities. Through narratives focused on people and communities, we explore the impact of our programs and promising practices.

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A graduate, Raquel Perez, is being kissed by both her parents.

Grant applications are accepted on an invitation-only basis.