Voices on teaching: Unlocking a world of potential in every child

Disclaimer: This initiative initially was launched and coordinated by the Raise Your Hand Texas Foundation, which in 2022 merged with and became the Charles Butt Foundation.

Our “Voices on Teaching” series features diverse perspectives about the importance of the teaching profession and personal stories about teachers who helped give rise to the future.

The Ellen Show shined a spotlight on Michael Bonner for his creative and energetic teaching methods, and his commitment to trying to meet the needs of every student, no matter their circumstances.

“Trying to teach a kid who doesn’t have a home and is hungry is a different ballgame. And when it shows up in your classroom, you have to find a way to continually fight and preserve,” says Mr. Bonner.

Mr. Bonner also has written and published a book on teaching and is a sought-after speaker.

Check out this Voices on Teaching interview to learn why Mr. Bonner believes so much in the power and potential of teaching to create a ripple effect that lasts for generations.