Highlights from 2023 and gratitude for your collaboration

The Charles Butt Foundation Team is thrilled to share some of the most popular stories of 2023 — your engagement made it all possible! 

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Here is our top content from last year:

Teaching: Raising Texas Teachers, UNIVERSITY PARTNERSHIPS

1. An initiative that’s changing the teaching profession across Texas

We believe every student, in every Texas classroom, must have an effective teacher every year. In 2017, we launched the Raising Texas Teachers initiative in an effort to make that goal a reality.

In a conference room setting, several people sit at tables. One group is up close and clear showing 3 women sitting at a table smiling and having a conversation with another woman standing and smiling.

Charles Butt Foundation

2. The Texas teacher shortage represents a systemic challenge

Our state’s longstanding teacher shortage represents a systemic challenge that must be addressed. Texas must build on the great work already underway in many districts and at several university teacher preparation programs.

Two teachers stand and two teachers shit as they engage in conversation during a staff meeting

Equity: Stories of impact

3. My authentic self: Superintendent is a reflection of the students he servers

In a short timeframe, Dr. Jaime Aquino’s example of authentic and representational leadership has made lasting impacts on the school district and the city of San Antonio.

Dr. Jaime Aquino, San Antonio ISD Superintendent, standing with a group of children all smiling and celebrating

Innovation: Raising Blended Learners, Stories of Impact

4. Advancing foundational literacy skills

“What blended learning has brought is the goal setting. Getting to see the excitement on their face when they meet their goal or go beyond their goal for a five-year-old, is just the best feeling in the whole entire world.”

A kindergarten teacher works one-on-one with a student.

Innovation: Raising Blended Learners, Stories of Impact

5. Finding a path to success that’s real for kids

Celebrating the vulnerability of Venus ISD leaders in taking ownership of significant gaps in secondary reading instruction and the thoughtful strategies they put in place to help students find real and lasting success.

An English Language Arts Teacher checks in with her students to answer questions about the assignment as student break into groups to conduct their research.