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Taylor Harrison

(she/her) Digital Marketing Manager
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Taylor’s greatest personal and professional passion has always been storytelling. She sees marketing at its core as storytelling, and her approach is to always keep people at the forefront. By focusing on genuine connection and engagement, whether online or in person, she believes more can be accomplished together.

Taylor began her marketing career as a freelance writer in 2010. After writing for a number of online publications, Taylor moved from Philadelphia to Los Angeles. There she worked as an Editorial Manager and a Social Media Manager for the agency, Digital Media Management. In 2016, she found herself missing her home state of Texas and moved to Austin. She enjoyed serving as the Digital Marketing & Communications Coordinator for Development and Jewish Family Services at Shalom Austin before joining the Charles Butt Foundation team in 2022.

Taylor has a deep desire and enthusiasm to contribute to every student in Texas being given the opportunity to thrive in school. She believes giving children a strong educational foundation is what sets them up for a successful and bright future.

Learning sometimes occurs because someone insists that you recognize the excellence in yourself. Sometimes it's as simple as, I know you can do this.
Rita Pierson