The 2023 Texas Education Poll webinar

This week the Charles Butt Foundation’s Learning and Impact Team presented findings from our 2023 Texas Education Poll: Strong Support, Clear Challenges for the first time. 

They shared key takeaways from the report such as:

  • While aware of their challenges, Texans express a deep reservoir of goodwill for the state’s public schools. An overwhelming majority of parents are satisfied with their child’s public school, and support for teachers is strong.
  • Parents and Texans are concerned about student safety – both school violence and how students are treated at school. More than half of Texans worry about local school shootings and two-thirds of parents think their child is at risk of bullying or discrimination.
  • Public school parents and non-parents continue to view public schools differently. 64% of parents rate their local public schools an A/B, while 43% of non-parents do. 76% of parents give their local public school teachers an A/B, while 60% of non-parents do.
  • Texans see the teacher crisis and believe it is time for action. Texans believe teachers are overworked and under-appreciated & that it’s time for the state to increase teacher salaries, especially for career teachers who have invested years in their profession.
  • Texans continue to oppose school vouchers, and Texans overwhelmingly believe any state dollars spent on education must mirror the safeguards and student protections of the public system.
  • Texans’ support for students and educators is strong. While they recognize challenges public schools face, their substantial support for funding resources for students and educators sends the strong message that Texans believe in the future of public education.

In case you missed the webinar, you can watch the recording below to learn more about parents and Texans’ opinions on Texas public schools, Texas public school teachers, and the future of public education in Texas. View the 2023 Texas Education Poll.

Watch the video, dig into the poll, then join the conversation on your favorite social platforms with hashtag #TXEdPoll.