Alumni Stories: Leaning on the Network

Charles Butt Foundation fosters ongoing learning communities for current participants and alumni of our statewide programs. Our Alumni Stories series showcases short accounts from participants on the meaningful connections, mutual support, and collaborative learning they’ve gained through this network.

“What I’m most prideful about of this alumni network is often we’re each other’s first phone call,” says Lee Vi Moses. “Our job is very rewarding, but it can also be very challenging and there’s a lot of decisions that we have to make that take courage.”

Moses completed his 10th year as principal at Rogers High School in Rogers ISD and is also the first vice president of the Texas Association of Secondary School Principals, the largest principal organization in the world. Moses attended the Raising School Leaders — Harvard Leadership Institute in 2015. Moses developed a close bond with a group of secondary school principals in his cohort. The group calls one another regularly to exchange ideas and problem-solve, to celebrate successes, and support each other during hardships. They share a deep commitment to the profession and a binding friendship with one another.

Our Leadership Network exists to provide this level of personal and professional to all alumni of our leadership programs.

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