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Texas Tech University – Lubbock & TechTeach Across Texas

Thank you for your interest in the Teacher Education Department at Texas Tech University! We are proud to be statewide leaders in producing and preparing effective teachers for Texas. We currently have programs that support Lubbock County and 25 other cities. Our year-long residency ensures all teacher candidates experience a full year of residency teaching in the classroom prior to graduation. Please reach out with additional questions.

  • Freshman and Sophomore students in Texas Tech desiring to be admitted into TechTeach to become a certified teacher in Texas 
  • Students in TechTeach Lubbock: Living in, or within driving distance, of Lubbock while attending school
  • Students in TechTeach Across Texas: Not living in, or within driving distance, of Lubbock while attending school
  • Students in TechTeach 2+1 ($10,000 available): Accelerated pace, 1-year program (July 2024-June 2025)

Education Minors are not permitted at this time, even if some coursework is coded as being within TechTeach.

University Program Contacts:

Site Coordinator/Lecturer & Scholarship Program Lead

Professional Development Facilitator/Senior Lecturer

Site Coordinator/Lecturer

scholarship information


Years as a partner program


Scholarships awarded


Current Scholars


Scholar Alumni


First-generation college students

Current Scholars

Macie Alston
Maria Arriaga
Layla Aydelott
Avery Burchett
Martha Camara
Jordan Cash
Hope De Santiago
Chloe Edgell
Kate Elam
Rachel Fuentes
Maya Gaffney
Valerie Harris
Joshua Hill-Cloyd
Delia Huerta
Robin Ibanez
Kennedy Joyner
Valerie Lara
Evander Larson
Kylie Marty
Lauren Mauldin
Jonathan McGee
Marilyn Mikulec

Ray Mojica
Nadia Morales
Crystal Mosqueda
Ivy Norman
Rylee Oster
Jordyn Plymire
Shauna Pugh
Margaret Robinson
Megan Shehane
Jenna Spencer
Delaney Stallings
Sadie Stevens
Peyton Stipp
Alexis Stroud
Katie Sutherland
Caitlin Taylor
Averi Temple
Hailey Thimons
Rachel Vences
Victoria Williams
Jordan Wilton
Mary Winegardner

Scholar Alumni

Marlenny Alcantar
Delanie Atkinson
Lauren Banuelos
Madison Benavidez
Kayla Bessellieu
Allison Bickerstaff
Emily Bowman
Talina Briceno
Lily Callison
Juan Camacho
Emily Castaneda
Johana Castillo
Edith Castillo
Grace Cavazos
Mallory Chatham
Melinna Chessher
Chloe Clark
Jenna Coots
Rilae Crow
Kathryn Cude
Cristina Dyck
Jessica Ebert
Caylee Eckles
Heather Egan
Kaitlyn Fink
Vanessa Garcia
Lucia Garcia Luna
Hailey Geiser
Tatum Griffin
Kimberly Guerra
Cayley Guess
Rachel Harrell
Michelle Henderson
Ashley Hernandez
Camryn Hoffman
Isabella Ibrahim
Kayla Jules
Lydia King
Madison LaFont
Zaira J Lara Alvarez
Carolina Leija
Lauren Leitch
Chyna Lewis
Makayla Mabra
Macie Mackey
Grace Matson

Eilidh McKay
Morven McKay
Taylor McWilliams
Kristen Meadows
Julio Mendez
Paloma Moreno
Austin Moulton
Guillermo Nieves Saliano
Melissa Nunez-Flores
Claire Oleru
Jose Parra Azanza
Ashley Patrick
Jennifer Perea
David Pierce
Jacklynn Prewitt
Joseph Rayford
Carmen Rivas
Edna Rivera
Alexandra Rivera
Jennifer Rivera
Megan Robinson
Abbigale Rodriguez
Ronnie Rodriguez
Alexus Rodriquez
Mariela Rosales
Rebekah Salazar Vela
Emily Santander
Miranda Schiller
Rachel Schneidereit
Melanie Scott
Andrea Serrano
Bernadette Sifuentes
Tenika Simmons
Nestor Soto
Jordan Springall
Holly Steeples
Victoria Thackray
Waleska Town
Bailey Tryon
Elizabeth Uttley
Macey Waid
Cheryl Whittaker
Ashley Witt
Emily Yates
Rosanna Zapata

Teaching: Charles Butt Scholarship, Stories of Impact

Rural roots: The making of a teaching legacy

How education, family, and football forged a future in teaching for a small town standout

Are you a current Scholar or Scholar Alumni?

We invite you to join two online communities created just for you: CBF Connect – our new networking platform – and our private Charles Butt Scholars Instagram account.

Charles Butt Foundation Contact:

Headshot of Christina Dunigan, Program Director for Charles Butt Scholarship

Christina Dunigan

Program Director – Charles Butt Scholarship