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Alumni Engagement

Raising School Leaders

Be part of our network of statewide leaders.

Charles Butt Foundation alumni from the Raising Blended Learners team sit at a table during the Blended Learning workshops and pose for a picture

Our vision

Our alumni remain united in an effort to address the field’s most pernicious problems.

Leadership Alumni Network

Alumni engagement is a critical piece of scaling and sustaining the impact of our statewide programs. Since 2008, we have invested in over 1,600 school leaders through the Raising School Leaders program. These dedicated campus and district leaders serve as a prime example of what works and what is possible in public education.

The purpose of the leadership alumni network is to create a strong, well-connected community of educators across the state of Texas who are united in their efforts to serve all students, to learn and improve together, and to collectively advance the perception of public schools.

Who are our alumni? 

Leadership alumni are school leaders who have been sponsored by or received grants from the Charles Butt Foundation (previously the Raise Your Hand Texas Foundation). This includes participants of the following current and former programs and grant opportunities:

Raising School Leaders (Harvard Leadership Institutes), Raising Blended Learners, Raising Family Partnerships, E3 Alliance, Relay Graduate School of Education, Teaching Trust, New Leaders, Rice Education Entrepreneurship Program (REEP) Business Fellowship, Harvard University’s Data Wise Improvement Process, and International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE).

Program Goals

  1. Foster a strong, connected network of educators across the state of Texas committed to learning and improving together to meet the needs of all Texas students
  2. Connect educators from all represented Education Service Center regions through active and growing learning communities.
  3. Develop the capacity of leadership alumni to become trusted advocates for their schools and communities.

Scholarship Alumni 

Through the Charles Butt Scholarship for Aspiring Teachers, we have invested in over 470 teacher candidates across the state of Texas. As a scholar graduates from their university program and enters the field, they become a scholarship alumni. We support scholarship alumni to succeed and remain in the classroom by connecting them to a community of practice, ensuring they feel supported and listened to. By doing so, we hope to create a well-connected, diverse learning community of teacher leaders that demonstrate leadership, altruism, and collaboration and who remain committed educators in Texas public schools.

Program Goals

  1. Support Scholar graduates to remain in the field and continue to work in high-needs schools or teach a shortage subject area throughout their teaching career.
  2. Provide mentorship to current Scholars, as well as connection with fellow alumni in the classroom.
  3. Build a connected network of well-trained teachers who are committed to serving in high-needs schools and shortage subject areas 
  4. Develop the capacity of scholarship alumni to advocate on behalf of the teaching profession

Ways we support scholarship alumni

Continued mentorship

Resume reviews

Connection opportunities

Assistance with job search

Mock interview

Professional development opportunities

CBF Connect:
Your Networking Platform

If you are a current Charles Butt Scholar or Scholar Alum, please check your email for instructions on how to join our new CBF Connect Platform.

Program contact information:

Briana Mascitelli - Contact Card

Briana Mascitelli

Program Director of Alumni Relations

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